Hikers offer

The HALF MARATHON DES SABLES is open to hikers!


With a more accessible format adapted for hikers, the desert is now accessible to all!


The new distances will allow any hiker to embark on the adventure. The concept remains the same, you will experience the adventure in food self-sufficiency and share the bivouac with the other participants.


What changes? The distance of the long stage for hikers!

Indeed, the distance of the long stage will be reduced and the hourly barriers much more flexible in order to complete the stages with a walking pace.


  • Stage 1 : 30 km
  • Stage 2 : 40km
  • Stage 3 : 25 km

The distances are approximate, the exact distances will be revealed when the roadbooks are delivered.


Don’t wait any longer, come and enjoy, at your own pace, this unique human and sporting adventure.


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